“Bringing New Markets Tax Credits to the Non-Profit Community”


To Fund Human Service Non-Profit Organizations that Serve the Low-Income Communities in our Service Area through the New Markets Tax Credit program.

Community Funding Group, is a social entrepreneurial firm. We use our NMTC Allocation to provide capital to human service agencies that are building and/or expanding community infrastructure to enable individuals and families to attain self sufficiency and sustainability. CFG’s mission primarily focuses on the homeless and those at risk of homelessness, underserved youth, job training, hunger relief, as well as providing a safe and nurturing environment for those in crisis.

Community Funding Group was formed with the vision of maximizing the benefit that non-profit agencies serving low income communities should be allowed to receive from the NMTC program. CFG strives to accomplish this by operating in such a manner that will allow for very reasonable allocation fees and a very efficient and cost-effective system for closing a NMTC transaction.

CFG, as a Community Development Entity, provides NMTC allocations, loans and investments to human service agencies that serve low income communities located in Washington and Oregon states. Additionally, CFG provides financial consulting, advisory services and project management consulting on NMTC projects throughout the United States.

We understand that it is difficult for human service organizations to raise capital and CFG brings the necessary skills, community representation, and ability to raise capital—so that the benefits provided by the NMTC program can find its way to this very important segment of the low income community—especially the very distressed communities and individuals.